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Mixed cases of 2009 Sauternes – last few bottles left

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Selecting your own mixed case has been the most popular option for 2009 Sauternes En Primeur.   Many of you have appreciated the ability this provides to experiment and experience within one of the greatest Sauternes vintages ever!

Some wines have now sold out but there are some gems still left.  We will not be breaking up any more cases before these wines are shipped in 2012 so this is the very last opportunity to secure the mixed case of your choice.  Remaining wines can be found by clicking on the link below:

2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

You will have to hurry to secure the following:

  • Only 2 half bottles of 2009 Suduiraut (97-99 points from Neal Martin) – NOW SOLD OUT
  • 7 bottles only each of 2009 Doisy Daene and 2009 Raymond Lafon – the best buys of the vintage? DOISY DAENE GONE
  • 5 bottles and 11 halves left of the sensational 2009 Climens – pure class at a great price! NO HALVES LEFT & ONLY 1 BOTTLE LEFT
  • Only 4 bottles each of 2009 Rieussec and 2009 Nairac – simply superb Sauternes RIEUSSEC GONE
  • Only 4 halves of Sigalas-Rabaud, 5 of Rabaud-Promis and 6 of La Tour Blanche NO SIGALAS & ONLY 1 LA TOUR BLANCHE LEFT

Take a look at what is left at this link: 2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

2009 Ch d’Yquem finally releases En Primeur

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Well at last Ch d’Yquem have released their 2009 En Primeur. 

We are not surprised that they have decided to continue with the marketing policy of following the prices of the other Medoc First Growths – as a luxury brand it is easy to understand the logic.   Unfortunately, as First Growth prices this year in the Medoc are high and, therefore, so is 2009 d’Yquem.

Allocations are also pinched so, for the moment, we have decided to offer only full cases (in bottles or halves) at:

2009 Sauternes Price List – Full Cases

Do let us know if you are interested in half bottles as part of a mixed case and, if enough people show an interest and we do not sell our allocation as whole cases, we will see what we can do.  As a reminder the videos for Ch d’Yquem are at:

2009 d’Yquem with Sandrine Garbay

2009 d’Yquem with Francis Mayeur

On the quality we have no doubts whatsoever – this will be one of the great d’Yquems!

2009 Ch Climens – best Sauternes buy En Primeur?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Bravo Berenice – a very reasonable release price from Ch Climens today.  Up 23% on 2008 but down 13% on 2007 – only the third chateau to do this behind de Malle and Raymond Lafon.

In the heady climate of 2009 En Primeur red wine prices this is a breath of fresh air and deserves support.  The wine is excellent and will reward buyers with first class drinking for the rest of their lifetime (and probably their children’s lifetime too!).  I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Buying pages and tasting videos/notes are at the following links:

2009 Sauternes Price List – Full Cases
2009 Sauternes Price List – Mixed Cases

2009 Climens Videos

2009 Climens Tasting Notes

2009 En Primeur prices – Sauternes looking good value

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Well – 2009 En Primeur prices for the red wines are certainly turning a few heads around the world.  I have worked in Bordeaux for 30 years and have never seen anything quite like this.  The top reds are only just starting to be released (very late and everyone here is worrying about their holidays) and past experience shows that prices may get even higher.  For starters this week we had Calon-Segur at 51,20 Euros ex-negociant (over 100% higher than the 2008 release price and making it some 15% more expensive to buy than the excellent 2005 vintage) – and this is one of the better buys! 

These high prices are certainly making the early 2009 Sauternes releases look good value.  Raymond Lafon is a stand out example with a 14% reduction on the 2008 price making it some 12% cheaper to buy than the excellent 2007 vintage – no one else has priced to sell quite like this across the whole of Bordeaux.  But there are many other good examples:

  • Doisy-Vedrines – 10% increase on 2008 and 10% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • de Malle – same price as 2008 and 6% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • de Myrat – 11% increase on 2008 and 11% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • d’Arche – 5% increase on 2008 and 1% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • Filhot – 6% increase on 2008 and 3% cheaper than current 2007 prices

Steve and I tasted the 2009’s alongside the 2007’s and there is no doubt it is the superior vintage although the styles are very different.  Just click on the hyperlinks for the individual wines to find out more and to buy or why not try a mixed case of some of these excellent value Sauternes at this link:

2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

2009 Sauternes En Primeur Mixed Cases

Friday, May 28th, 2010

We are delighted that the 2009 Sauternes En Primeur mixed cases are proving so popular.  In this video we retaste most of the wines to help you select what wines to put in your mixed case if you haven’t already done so.  We are expecting Climens and d’Yquem to release very soon and we know that many of you are waiting for these releases before finalising your case selections – we hope this helps!  Mixed cases can be ordered by clicking on this link –

2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

PS The wines are just getting better and better!  It is amazing what just a few extra months in barrel can do for truly rich wines like these, adding complexity and helping develop their structure. Bill Blatch

Mixed 2009 Sauternes Cases Proving Popular

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Steve has just told me that 2009 Sauternes En Primeur mixed cases are proving twice as popular as whole cases here at Bordeaux Gold!

We knew from our survey that this is what you wanted and we are delighted with the response – the power of the consumer in action! Here are the links again for both mixed and whole cases:

2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

2009 Sauternes Full Cases

2009 Sauternes – a word on pricing

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We are nearing the end of what has been a strange 2009 En Primeur campaign for Sauternes and I thought I’d say a few things on the pricing.

Above all we have to remember that these are historic wines – perhaps the best since 1921.  It is not surprising therefore that release prices are higher than in recent years.  We are of the view that the growers have been generally reasonable with their pricing and we certainly feel that they are deserving of fair reward for their efforts – it is not either easy or highly profitable making Sauternes.

Three things, however, have conspired to make things difficult both for growers and buyers.  Firstly, it has also been an historic vintage for red bordeaux.  Perhaps not so uniform as in Sauternes but easily of sufficient interest to distract attention.

Then there are two financial factors – exchange rates and the worldwide economic uncertainty.  These are difficult times for both the Euro and the Pound and the net effect for those looking to buy Sauternes has been to amplify the prices increase from the Chateaux, making the vintage appear more expensive still.  On top of this the general financial uncertainty, compounded in the UK by the uncertainty of a General Election, has served to dampened enthusiasm.

But En Primeur is, or should be, all about the long view.  Despite all the financial problems surrounding this vintage over time it will become recognised as one of the greatest Sauternes vintages ever and future prices will reflect this unquestionable fact.  Bill Blatch

Average 2009 Sauternes En Primeur scoring so far

Monday, April 12th, 2010

In advance of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate scores from Neal Martin We thought it would be useful to summarise how the 2009 Sauternes and Barsac vintage was being received by critics so far.  There has been almost universal acceptance that this is an outstanding year – we totally agree with this assessment and the scores back this up.

Scoring to Parker’s 100 point scale around 20 wines have acheived an average mark of over 90 points – making them ‘outstanding wines of exceptional complexity and character’.   Of these 3 wines are currently averaging at over 96 points making them ‘extraordinary wines of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety’.

And these are average marks! An incredible 15 wines have judged by at least one critic as potentially scoring 96 points – maybe we should offer a mixed 2009 En Primeur case of these extraordinary wines!  We now await the Wine Advocate scores with interest.   Bill Blatch

PS The top twenty wines so far are (in alphabetical order): Climens, Clos Haut-Peyraguey, Coutet, Doisy Daene, Doisy-Vedrines, l’Extravagant de Doisy Daene, de Fargues, Guiraud, les Justices, Lafaurie-Peyraguey, de Malle, de Myrat, Nairac, Rabaud-Promis, Raymond Lafon, de Rayne-Vigneau, Rieussec, Suduiraut, La Tour Blanche and d’Yquem. 

Hovering only just below the cut off mark and likely to rise into the ‘outstanding’ category as more marks come in are: d’Arche, Caillou, Filhot, Lamoth, Lamoth-Guignard and Romer du Hayot.  Also ‘outstanding’ in our opinion are some wines that we know about but that are not normally placed in front of most tasters – these include: Domaine de l’Alliance, Bastor-Lamontagne, Cantegril, La Clotte-Cazalis, Latrezotte and Partarrieu.  In a vintage of such universal high quality some of these wines may represent the best value when prices are released later this month.

Jancis Robinson recommends Bordeaux Gold for 2009 Sauternes

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

A big thank you to Jancis Robinson for generously mentioning this blog today in her Purple Pages under the headline of ‘Bordeaux 2009 – reflections’. The full article can be viewed at (subscription required but thoroughly recommended) – here is the important bit!

“There are some truly stupendous wines, notably but not exclusively among the acknowledged first growths. In Sauternes this extraordinary quality is mainly the result of the exceptional natural conditions of the 2009 growing season, the details of which are so exhaustively chronicled in the Blatch report on this site (see also Bill Blatch’s new Sauternes-specific site”

2009 Sauternes – First Growths (2 of 2)

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The brilliance of 2009 Sauternes First Growths continues unabated – Rabaud-Promis, Raymond Lafon, Rieussec, Sigalas-Rabaud, Suduiraut and Clos Haut-Peyraguey! I have never seen anything like this in my 30+ years working in Bordeaux.

If you are interested in buying these wines in the 2009 En Primeur campaign don’t forget to sign up for my full tasting notes at the top right hand corner of the page. PS For those who are wondering we do know that de Fargues and Raymond Lafon aren’t First Growths – we just think they should be! PPS We have also tasted d’Yquem and Climens at the Chateaux and these videos will follow next on this site! Bill Blatch