Sauternes Wine

The châteaux below make some of the best Sauternes wine. The classification of Bordeaux Sauternes châteaux in 1855 is a good starting point but there are some unclassified wines in this list producing high quality Sauternes.

Sauternes wine tends to be bigger and rounder in style than neighbouring Barsac wine as a result of the gravel, clay, sand and limestone patchwork of soils across the four communes that make up the Sauternes Appellation. 

Sauternes is a white Bordeaux wine.  It is of course sweet but this is balanced by a refreshing acidity allowing the drinker to taste the amazing complexity of the wine – a direct result of the effect of Botrytis Cinerea or ‘Noble Rot’ which concentrates by up to 100 times the flavours within the grapes.

Wine 1855 Classification Commune
Château d’Yquem Premier Cru Supérieur Sauternes
Château Guiraud Premier Cru Sauternes
Clos Haut-Peyraguey Premier Cru Bommes
Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey Premier Cru Bommes
Château Rabaud-Promis Premier Cru Bommes
Château de Rayne-Vigneau Premier Cru Bommes
Château Rieussec Premier Cru Fargues
Château Sigalas-Rabaud Premier Cru Bommes
Château Suduiraut Premier Cru Preignac
Château La Tour-Blanche Premier Cru Bommes
Château d’Arche Deuxième Cru Sauternes
Château Filhot Deuxième Cru Sauternes
Château Lamothe Deuxième Cru Sauternes
Château Lamothe-Guignard Deuxième Cru Sauternes
Château de Malle Deuxième Cru Preignac
Château de Fargues Unclassified Fargues
Château Bastor Lamontagne Unclassified Preignac
Domaine de l’Alliance Unclassified Fargues
Château Raymond Lafon Unclassified Sauternes
Château Partarrieu Unclassified Preignac
Château Romer du Hayot Unclassified Fargues
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