2009 En Primeur Sauternes – Prices, Terms and Conditions

All prices are In Bond UK.


Wines are currently in barrel and will be bottled and shipped from 2012.  UK customers will be asked whether they want their wine delivered, stored (in bond or duty paid) or made available for collection from Bordeaux Gold in Wiltshire when the wines are shipped.


Additional charges will be at 2012 rates but as a guideline UK Duty currently stands at £1.69 per 75cl bottle (£20.25 per 12 bottle case) and VAT is at 17.5% (levied on both the the In Bond cost and the UK Duty).


For instance a £150 case of Sauternes En Primeur would (at todays rates) cost £200.04 (£16.67 per bottle) and a £200 case would be £258.79 (£21.57 per bottle) if collected from Bordeaux Gold.


UK delivery charges will depend both on the numbers of cases being delivered and the delivery location.  Allow £10 per case per annum for storage if you do not want to collect or have your wine delivered immediately.


Non UK customers please contact Steve Webb at Bordeaux Gold for more information steve@bordeauxgold.com
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