En Primeur

En Primeur is a useful method for purchasing Sauternes and Barsac wine early.  Wines are offered for sale after the trade has tasted samples but before the Châteaux have bottled their wine. Here’s Bill’s video explaining the history of En Primeur and how it works:

The two great advantages of buying Sauternes wine En Primeur are that you can:

  • Secure stock of hard to find châteaux
  • Buy at a competetive price

Therefore whether you want to buy Sauternes for drinking or for wine investment (sometimes called wine futures) it makes sense to consider En Primeur.

It is essential to receive good advice when buying En Primeur as the wines are often a little closed on the palate and imagination is needed to predict how they will develop. 

Fortunately at Bordeaux Gold we have over 30 years expertise in tasting Sauternes and Barsac from barrel samples.  We have kept detailed records on past vintages of almost every château and taste regularly to see how wines develop over time.  We are also in constant contact with the winemakers, not just the château owners, so we get to know about their successes and their failures too.

We never recommend on reputation alone – only on what we taste in the glass!

You will pay over a year in advance of receiving any wine, however, as we only accept credit card payments for your wine, you will be covered for the wines that you have purchased under the terms of your credit card insurance.

Once the wine is ready for delivery you have the choice of paying duty and VAT  or of having your wine stored in a bonded warehouse until it is delivered or sold on.  Duty, VAT and storage rates are subject to change but in essence are roughly the same for everyone meaning that any initial savings made by purchasing En Primeur are generally maintained.

If you have any questions about buying Sauternes and Barsac En Primeur wine send them to steve@bordeauxgold.com and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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