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No 2012 Yquem – a Strange Decision?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

There has been much speculation as to why Chateau d’Yquem has decided not to make a 2012 Sauternes.  I will never now get to taste the wine so I cannot really comment but I have no reason to doubt the integrity of the winemaking team in making the decision.

What I can say is that others have fared rather better.  There was certainly a lot of botrytis and, for those that waited, there was concentration too which will produce some wines of quality.  I anticipate that the vintage will prove overall to be as good, if not better, than 2004 or 2006.

My thoughts on Yquem and 2012 are in the clip below and, as an added bonus, there is a clip from Philippe and Aline Baly at Chateau Coutet that illustrates well the fact that some chateaux have made good wines in 2012.  Enjoy!