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Sauternes and Burts Chips!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Have you ever had Yquem with crisps?  It’s fantastic – better than with any sweet dessert for my palate!  Take a look at the video below where we try eight differently styled Sauternes from the 2008 vintage with eight different flavours of Burts Chips, hand made in Devon.

One of the very best uses of Sauternes is as an aperitif served with just about any hors d’oeuvre you can imagine as illustrated by the different flavoured crisps here.  Alternatively you can settle down in front of the television to watch a good movie or the game armed only with a bottle of Sauternes and a bag of Burts Chips!

In our January Sale there are some great value 2008 wines including the Suduiraut that went so well with the spicier crisps:

2008 Carmes de Rieussec – 2008 Doisy Daene – 2008 Rieussec – 2008 Suduiraut

Maybe we’ve started another new trend?  I hope so!  Bill Blatch

PS For more about Burts Chips they have a great web site here – Burts Chips

Sauternes and Chinese Takeaway!

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Sauternes and Chinese food are a superb match!  In the video below we taste different Chinese dishes from my local takeaway in Bordeaux with Sauternes from three different decades – some 2008 Lafaurie-Peyraguey, a 1999 de Malle and a fabulous 1989 Coutet.  We even try some Tokaji from Hungary as a comparison.

The conclusions?  Conveniently, as most Chinese food (especially from a takeaway) arrives at the table at the same time, Sauternes goes with the full range of Chinese dishes, from the milder more delicate soups to the full-on spicy meat dishes.

Younger Sauternes is particularly flexible and I’d particularly recommend any of the following from our January Sale:

2005 La Fleur d’Or – 2008 Carmes de Rieussec2007 de Rayne Vigneau2008 Doisy Daene2009 La Clotte-Cazalis2006 Lafaurie-Peyraguey

Maybe we’ve started a new trend?  I hope so!  Bill Blatch

Chateau de Malle and a little Sauternes History

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Here’s another but slightly different video to highlight one of the wines in the January Sale.  Chateau de Malle is a ‘monument historique’ or listed building and one of the oldest properties in Sauternes with fantastic gardens that are classified as amongst the notable gardens of France.

I normally go straight to the cellars but here I took time out for a personal tour of the chateau.  I’m very glad I did because I learnt a lot that I didn’t know about the history of the important Sauternes families.  Connections between de Malle, Yquem, Coutet, Filhot and Cadillac also become clear.  Fascinating stuff!

To enable you to sample some of this history we have some fantastic de Malle from the sensational 2009 vintage (bottles and halves), the ‘cool’ natured 2002 vintage (bottles and halves) and the much overlooked, great value and totally ‘evolved’ 1999 vintage (bottles and halves).   Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

Sauternes Sale – Spotlight on Filhot

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

We thought it would help to highlight some of the wines in the January Sale with a short video about the Chateaux.  Below I talk to and taste with Gabriel de Vaucelles, owner/manager at Filhot about the style of his wines and the vinification.

For a lighter styled, fresh and lively Sauternes at reasonable prices then there is no need to look further.  Here I taste recent vintages but in the sale we have some great value older Filhot – the 2006 (bottles), the 2004 (halves) and the 1999 (halves).  All of these vintages are a little bit ‘forgotten’ which makes them great value, especially when at these sale prices!  Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

Sauternes Sale Highlights

Friday, January 6th, 2012

We knew it would happen!  Everyone is asking which wines are the best buys in our Amazing January Sale!

Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought and below are my very Top 10 Tips for the best value Sauternes on offer – just click on the links to read more about these wines and to buy.

2005 Fleur d’Or – A great everyday Sauternes.  I helped to blend this myself so I know exactly how good it is!  Where else can you get quality Sauternes with over 6 years of age at £15 per bottle delivered to your door direct from perfect storage conditions in Bordeaux?

2008 Carmes de Rieussec – We were already the cheapest supplier of this great 2nd wine from the reknowned 1st Growth Ch Rieussec and now it is even cheaper!  I am a great fan of the 2008 vintage which was released at low prices in Bordeaux at the time of the last recession – great value!  The youngest wine in this selection but drinking beautifully already.

1997 Ch de Myrat – The first great vintage from the modern Ch de Myrat!  You won’t find this anywhere else and certainly not at such a great price.  Drinking superbly now!

2003 Ch La Clotte-Cazalis – A relative unknown but boasting a very respectable 90 points from Robert Parker.  I think everyone has to try something from the incredibly hot 2003 vintage and this is a very good example indeed.  I like it as an aperitif wine.

1996 Ch d’Arche – If the 2003 La Clotte-Cazalis is an aperitif wine then, for me, this d’Arche represents great value as a out and out dessert wine.  Again you won’t find this anywhere else – 15 years of bottle age at well under £25 a bottle!

1998 Ch Doisy Daene – Another older wine that is very competitively priced at under £25 a bottle.  You just can’t get this level of complexity and richness any cheaper elsewhere.  From one of Bordeaux’s most respected winemakers, Denis Dubourdieu.

2001 Ch de Rayne Vigneau – 1st Growth Sauternes from the great 2001 vintage with 10 years bottle age at around £30 a bottle!  Yet again you won’t find this cheaper anywhere else – a very classy wine indeed!

1995 Ch La Tour Blanche – Great older 1st Growth Sauternes!  If you like top quality Sauternes from handy half bottles then this is as good a choice as any on the list.  An old favourite of mine that never fails to please!

And finally 2 more wines at the luxury level that represent incredible value, both in half bottles and from the superb 1997 vintage – 1997 Ch de Fargues and 1997 Ch d’Yquem both the work of Compte Alexandre de Lur-Saluces.  The de Fargues has the biggest discount in the sale at over 30% off and is real quality in a glass.  The d’Yquem is, well d’Yquem, quite simply the best Sauternes and probably the best white wine in the world!  Modern vintages are much more expensive and this is one of the last great vintages that you will be able to buy at this price level and, as such, counts as one of the best buys in the sale.

Well that was really hard to choose – I know how everyone is feeling now!  I hope this helps you to make your mind up but I can honestly say that all of the wines are wonderful examples of Sauternes.  If you have any questions on any of the wines do drop Steve an email at and together we will do our best to help.

Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

Amazing January Sauternes SALE!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

To get to the full Amazing January Sauternes Sale just click  HERE!

But before you do a few words to help you.

We know it can be hard to choose from so many different wines but we make no apologies – someone has to act as an antidote to the lack of choice available on, for example, supermarket shelves where you are lucky if you find a half bottle out of reach on the top shelf.   To help you choose we will be providing regular guidance from different buying points of view.

To start with we thought we’d highlight the wines that are in really short supply – move fast as quantities range from just a few halves or bottles to only 1 or 2 cases of these wines.  Just click on the links for tasting notes!


2009 Ch Bastor-Lamontagne – 7 halves at £10.25 £9.39
2009 Ch Broustet – 4 halves at £10.25 £9.39
2009 Ch La Clotte-Cazalis – 8 halves at £10.25 £9.39
2009 Ch Cantegril – 5 halves at £10.50 £9.63
2007 Ch de Rayne-Vigneau – 18 halves at £14.07 £13.37
2009 Ch Doisy-Vedrines – 15 halves at £14.86 £13.63
2009 Ch Rabaud-Promis – 5 halves at £16.40 £15.04
2009 Ch de Rayne-Vigneau – 10 halves at £17.94 £16.45
2006 Ch de Fargues – 14 halves at £21.21 £20.15
2009 Ch de Fargues – 1 half at £51.27 £47.00


2004 Ch Coutet – 1 bottle at £22.61 £21.48
2009 Ch Nairac – 4 bottles at £49.62 £45.49

Cases – 24 Halves (unless otherwise stated)

2004 Ch Filhot – 2 cases at £213.71 £201.77
1999 Ch Filhot – 1 case at £244.48 £229.98
1999 Ch de Malle – 1 case at £287.56 £269.46
2000 Ch d’Arche – 2 cases at £299.87 £280.75
1999 Ch Lafaurie-Peyraguey – 1 case at £310.94 £290.90
2002 Ch de Malle – 2 cases at £312.17 £292.03
2004 Ch La Tour Blanche – 1 case at £324.48 £303.31
1998 Ch La Tour Blanche – 1 case at £342.94 £320.23
2003 Ch Nairac – 2 cases at £478.33 £444.33
2003 Ch de Fargues – 2 cases at £576.79 £534.49
1996 Ch de Fargues – 2 cases at £626.02 £579.72
2006 Ch de Fargues – 2 cases at £822.94 £760.23
2006 Ch d’Yquem – 1 case (6 halves) at £1,189.29 £1,092.07
2007 Ch d’Yquem – 1 case (12 halves) at £2,548.20 £2,339.07

Cases – 12 Bottles (unless otherwise stated)

2006 Ch Filhot – 1 case at £210.63 £198.95
2005 Ch Caillou – 2 cases at £243.87 £229.41
2000 Ch de Rayne-Vigneau – 2 cases at £247.56 £232.80
2000 Ch Lafaurie-Peyraguey – 1 case at £281.40 £263.82
2009 Ch La Tour Blanche – 2 cases (6 bottles) at £287.81 £263.82
2009 Ch Doisy-Vedrines – 2 cases at £300.11 £275.10
2002 Ch de Malle – 1 case at £306.02 £286.39
2005 Ch Rabaud-Promis – 2 cases at £317.71 £297.10
1998 Ch Coutet – 1 case at £330.63 £308.95
2007 Ch Rabaud-Promis – 1 case at £349.10 £325.87
2000 Ch Suduiraut – 1 case at £404.48 £376.64
2009 Ch de Fargues – 1 case (6 bottles) at £595.50 £545.87
2000 Ch d’Yquem – 1 case at £4,466.02 £4,099.72

Cases – 3 Magnums

2006 Ch d’Yquem – 2 cases at £2,425.13 £2,226.25

And that is just for starters!  The full sale list is HERE! with wines for all pockets and tastes.

Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

NB All prices are Ex VAT.  Delivery is FREE for all orders and will take place following the end of the sale in February/March.