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Suduiraut, Suduiraut and more Suduiraut……

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I never tire of tasting Sauternes, especially when it is from Suduiraut, one of my very favourites.  Imagine my joy then when I was invited to taste no less than 33 vintages as part of Neal Martin’s epic investigation into the chateau and its wines.  Neal managed to taste even more vintages going back to 1899 and has written at fascinating length (a stunning 70,000 words) about his experience at his Wine Journal (membership required).

Alternatively why not take a look at the videos below for a ‘Fly on the Wall’ peep of the tasting itself?

Many thanks indeed to Christian Seeley, Pierre Montégut and the staff of Chateau Suduiraut for hosting us.  There is plenty of lively banter, discussion and disagreement within the videos but one thing we all agreed upon was that, taken as a whole, the tasting was amongst the most remarkable any of us had ever participated in – Suduiraut really is a class act performing at it’s very best!

Firstly, a brief introduction….

Now the wines, starting with the most recent vintages….

Now for the early 2000’s and late 1990’s….

A purple patch back to the great 1990 and 1989 vintages….

A Crème de Tête slipped in here….

Some great wines including the 1975….

Does anyone else remember the 1960s?

And now some even older wines, including the legendary 1929….

Enjoy! Bill Blatch