Bill Blatch’s 2010 Bordeaux Vintage Report

Bill Blatch's 2010 Bordeaux Vintage Report including Sauternes

Thank you for registering for Bill Blatch’s 2010 Bordeaux Vintage Report (which includes the Sauternes report).We hope you find it an enjoyable and useful read.

These are the first indications of what the 2010 Sauternes vintage is going to be like – and it’s another great year!

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2010 Bordeaux Vintage Report

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For years Bill’s report has been used by the wine trade as an early indication of the quality of the coming vintage.  Now you have the chance to be as knowledgeable and up-to-date as wine merchants and wine journalists around the world.

Bill Blatch

You may not have heard of Bill Blatch before now because he’s been too busy working within the trade to make a big name for himself (and he’s probably too modest to want to try).  In fact we think he’s probably one of Bordeaux’ best kept secrets.

For over 30 year’s he’s been building an encylopedic knowledge of Bordeaux wines and regularly tastes with the top wine experts around the world.

But while he’s got Bordeaux in his blood, he reserves his biggest passion for Sauternes and Barsac wines.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get an  ‘insiders view’ on a vintage that’s only just been released to the worlds wine trade for tasting.

N.B. Bill’s Tasting Notes on the 2010 vintage will be available later this year and will be sent to you if you remain on his email list.
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