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Sauternes and Cheese – suggestions from Marie Quatrehomme

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

From a philosophical viewpoint to something more practical – here are some expert cheese and Sauternes pairing suggestions from Marie Quatrehomme, the famous Parisien Fromagerie.

If you have any favourite Sauternes and cheese suggestions please tell us about them in the comments box below.

2009 En Primeur prices – Sauternes looking good value

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Well – 2009 En Primeur prices for the red wines are certainly turning a few heads around the world.  I have worked in Bordeaux for 30 years and have never seen anything quite like this.  The top reds are only just starting to be released (very late and everyone here is worrying about their holidays) and past experience shows that prices may get even higher.  For starters this week we had Calon-Segur at 51,20 Euros ex-negociant (over 100% higher than the 2008 release price and making it some 15% more expensive to buy than the excellent 2005 vintage) – and this is one of the better buys! 

These high prices are certainly making the early 2009 Sauternes releases look good value.  Raymond Lafon is a stand out example with a 14% reduction on the 2008 price making it some 12% cheaper to buy than the excellent 2007 vintage – no one else has priced to sell quite like this across the whole of Bordeaux.  But there are many other good examples:

  • Doisy-Vedrines – 10% increase on 2008 and 10% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • de Malle – same price as 2008 and 6% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • de Myrat – 11% increase on 2008 and 11% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • d’Arche – 5% increase on 2008 and 1% cheaper than current 2007 prices
  • Filhot – 6% increase on 2008 and 3% cheaper than current 2007 prices

Steve and I tasted the 2009’s alongside the 2007’s and there is no doubt it is the superior vintage although the styles are very different.  Just click on the hyperlinks for the individual wines to find out more and to buy or why not try a mixed case of some of these excellent value Sauternes at this link:

2009 Sauternes Mixed Cases

2009 Sauternes Vintage Report