2016 Sauternes – First Day

Our first day of the En Primeur tasting season started with most of the top 2016 Sauternes at Chateau Guiraud – thank you to our old friend Xavier Planty, Clemence and Mathilde for organising the wines.

The exceptions were d’Yquem and Climens which we then tasted at the chateau, Climens from the barrels as they, as usual, have not yet blended the wine. We ended the day at Chateau Filhot – thank you to Gabriel and Amicie for your hospitality.













During the day we were treated to two superb vertical tastings at Guiraud and Filhot – it is important after all to put the current vintage into context!  Tasting videos for the 2016s will follow soon – watch out for them during the week ahead!  Bill Blatch

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One Response to “2016 Sauternes – First Day”

  1. sid cross Says:

    Exciting first day Bill. Thanks for all you do.
    Look forward to more posting details on your overall early impressions on the style of 2016 Sauternes.
    Also so enthusiastic to learn more on how the vintages of Filhot & Guiraud showed in those verticals. Enjoyed last night at a Commanderie de Bordeaux dinner here in Vancouver the exquisite 2005 Climens – all exotic pure apricot pineapple honey!

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