First 2013 Sauternes Prices Out

The first 2013 Sauternes prices are out HERE and its good news!

Chateau prices are generally the same as last year and lower than 2011, 1010 and 2009.  Combined with a favourable exchange rate this makes 2013 Sauternes the best value quality Sauternes vintage in recent times.  And remember, Sauternes prices have not increased since 2000 in the same way that the red wines have – they represent by far and away the best value quality wines from Bordeaux.

The only real exception so far this year is Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey which, given that it is rumoured that the new owner Silvio Denz of Lalique crystal glass fame will be providing a celebratory bottle for this vintage, can be excused a modest increase.

Amongst the wines out so far is Château de Malle, one of the real surprises and a personal recommendation, as well as one of the stars of the vintage, Château Suduiraut.  All wines are available either in handy half cases or, uniquely at Bordeaux Gold, by the individual bottle or half bottle so that you can mix and match a case to suit your taste.  Just click on the link below to find all the wines along with my tasting notes for each wine.

2013 Sauternes En Primeur Prices

You can also now view my full 2013 Sauternes vintage report by clicking HERE – Enjoy! Bill Blatch

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