2012 Yquem – Pierre Lurton Interview

The big news about 2012 Sauternes is that there will be no Chateau d’Yquem.  In general the vintage is good, way beyond the expectations of the market which has wrongly interpreted this decision as applying to the whole appellation.  We thought, however, it would be useful for everyone to understand Yquem’s decision making first before we let you you know more about the more positive side of the vintage.

We’ve therefore interviewed Pierre Lurton at some length in the clip below.  To summarise what he says, for Yquem it is all about excellence and they realised during the harvest that they were not going to get the complexity of aromatics that is associated with their wine.  For others it was different, as you will see over the next few weeks, but Pierre made the early decision not to make a 2012 Yquem.

Enjoy! Bill Blatch

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