2011 Sauternes Second Growths

Anyone for seconds?  With 2011 Sauternes and Barsac it would be rude to say ‘No’ and you wouldn’t feel you’ve been greedy – you might even come back for thirds!  The Second Growths this year are super fresh and fruity backed up by rich botrytis which, while it is not the first thing that grabs your attention now, will help to make these wines really interesting as they develop.

Below are two videos covering Barsac and then Sauternes including Broustet, Caillou, Doisy Daene, Doisy Vedrines, de Myrat, Nairac, Romer du Hayot, d’Arche, Filhot, Lamothe, Lamothe Guignard and de Malle.  Enjoy!  Bill Blatch


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2011 Sauternes First Growths

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