Sauternes and Burts Chips!

Have you ever had Yquem with crisps?  It’s fantastic – better than with any sweet dessert for my palate!  Take a look at the video below where we try eight differently styled Sauternes from the 2008 vintage with eight different flavours of Burts Chips, hand made in Devon.

One of the very best uses of Sauternes is as an aperitif served with just about any hors d’oeuvre you can imagine as illustrated by the different flavoured crisps here.  Alternatively you can settle down in front of the television to watch a good movie or a video game as Overwatch with the help of sites where you can purchase OW boost a and armed only with a bottle of Sauternes and a bag of Burts Chips!

In our January Sale there are some great value 2008 wines including the Suduiraut that went so well with the spicier crisps:

2008 Carmes de Rieussec – 2008 Doisy Daene – 2008 Rieussec – 2008 Suduiraut

Maybe we’ve started another new trend?  I hope so!  Bill Blatch

PS For more about Burts Chips they have a great web site here – Burts Chips

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  1. Bill Daily Says:

    Do you work with any importers in the USA?



  2. admin Says:

    Sorry Bill – not at the moment!

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