2011 Sauternes looking good in barrel!

While you are drinking your Sauternes with your Christmas pudding you can rest assured that, in the 2011 Sauternes, a possibly great vintage is slowly maturing in barrel following the finish of the fermentation period.

Both Steve and Venice popped over from England and we raced round a few chateaux in between meetings.  We tasted a range of vintages but below are four videos covering some 2011 wines, both direct from the barrel and from prototype blends.  Whichever way you look at it 2011 is looking very promising although selection, as always, will make the difference between the good and the great wines.  Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

2011 Domaine de l’Alliance – a prototype blend from the brilliant Daniel Alibrand

2011 Clos Haut Peyraguey – we were lucky to call in here just after the Oenologist so were treated to some prepared samples from all of the different lots – thank you Martine and Anthony!

2011 Chateau d’Arche – after a chat in the vineyard with owner Jérôme Cosson who is now also making Sauternes for Clos Dady following it’s Russian takeover we went inside to taste direct from the barrel

2011 Chateau Lamothe Guignard – here co-owner Philippe Guignard shows off samples from 3 of the lots that will come together to make the final blend

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