2011 Sauternes First Impressions

It is early days yet but we might just have a very special 2011 Sauternes vintage on our hands.  I hope you enjoy the videos below.

In my first foray into the cellars since fermentation stopped I visited Xavier Planty at Chateau Guiraud and Laure de Lambert Compeyrot at Chateau Sigalas-Rabaud.  At Guiraud Xavier was very happy despite nearly 60% of his harvest being lost in the Easter Monday hail storm that hit the south west plateau of Sauternes.  His Sauvignon lots, in particular were stunningly fresh and, as this makes up a large percentage of the blend here, we can confidently expect a great Guiraud.

At Sigalas-Rabaud we again tasted all the lots and also had some fun anticipating what the final blend might be.  Here the jury is out on the Sauvignon – yet again it is stunningly fresh but will it blend well?  At the moment Laure is inclined to think not but as the wines are still on their lees there is plenty of time for many changes of opinion after racking and before bottling.

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2011 Sauternes - News from the Chateaux

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