Sauternes and Chinese Food

Amidst the madness 2010 En Primeur it was a real pleasure to sit down with some of my Sauternais friends at Vinexpo and taste some great Sauternes alongside some Chinese food.  Below is some video proof that I was there and, I think, appreciated, as are our efforts at Bordeaux Gold to promote their wines.

The Chan brothers, Tommy and André, of the Bordeaux Chinese Restaurant “Le Bonheur du Palais” made a dish for every wine:

  • Marinated Hong You salmon with Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2007, presented by Eric Larramona
  • Yu-Xiang gambas prawn with the Clos Haut-Peyraguey 2005, presented by Martine Langlais-Pauly
  • Caramelised Tchasui pork with Sichuan pepper with the Coutet 2004, presented by Aline Baly
  • Half-cooked beef in red pimiento oil with Guiraud 2003, presented by Xavier Planty
  • Tea-smoked duck with La Tour Blanche 2002, presented by Didier Fréchinet
  • Garlic and ginger chicken with Suduiraut 2001, presented by Pierre Montégut
  • “Folded arms” pork and shrimp (kind of sweet and sour) with Climens 1975, presented by Bérénice Lurton

There were a lot of Chinese-food experts there and the debate quickly became one of the challenge of food pairing in China because all the food is served at the same time.  Tommy had put the spicier dishes with the younger wines, which was thought not necessarily any better.

Frankly, everything went with everything which actually makes it easier to serve Sauternes with Chinese food than other wines – a result!  Bill Blatch

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2 Responses to “Sauternes and Chinese Food”

  1. Dave Brookes Says:

    Hi Bill….I wen’t to a tasting at Vinexpo in Hong Kong where a Asian curry was matched with a ’97 Ch Rieussec and it was quite surprising how well they matched.


    Dave Brookes

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Dave….It is no surprise to us! If you look at how Sauternes is made (essentially the natural concentration of fruit flavours) then it will always stand a good chance of having enough power to match up with strong flavoured foods. This is why salty oysters, fatty roast meats, rich desserts, tangy cheeses and spicy curries can all work. It is often only a case of fine tuning a particular style or age of Sauternes/Barsac to achieve a perfect result!

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