2010 Sauternes Slips Under the Radar

Well it isn’t all over until the fat lady sings but most of the audience has left already!  As I write the Medoc 1st Growths, the Super 2nds and the the top Right Bank chateaux are finally releasing their wines onto the market after what has been one of the most criticised and extraordinary En Primeur campaigns.  It has been one of the longest campaigns ever with long lulls followed by intense spurts of activity, not to mention the record prices (for the red wines).

The ‘Embarrasingly Good Vintage that I wrote about in my 2010 Vintage Report has been followed by an ‘Embarrassingly Poor En Primeur Campaign’!

In Sauternes we only await the price for Chateau d’Yquem, which will probably follow those for the 1st Growths Reds.

Sauternes and Barsac have, yet again, suffered in the confusion!  These are amongst the very best wines in the world (see Sauternes – the Best Bordeaux Wine) and yet they are selling for a fraction of the price of the top red wines (see Sauternes – Best Value in Bordeaux).  Despite having the only reasonable pricing policy in Bordeaux the attention has been firmly on the red wines and Sauternes sales have been affected – the apathetic reaction to some of the red wine pricing seems to have rubbed off.

This is such a shame as the wines themselves deserve much, much better.  2010 in Sauternes, and especially Barsac, is utterly irresistible and gets better every time I taste it.  I urge you to take another look at my 2010 Tasting Notes and if you’ve been put off buying reds this year, focus on Sauternes instead!  All the prices are here:

Cases Prices – Bottles or Half Bottles

Individual Bottle or Half Bottle Prices

Out of interest our Top 10 best selling 2010 wines are as follows:

  1. Ch Raymond Lafon – top for the 2nd year running with fantastic quality at a ultra-reasonable price
  2. Ch Doisy-Vedrines – a big success in 2010
  3. Ch de Myrat – another great value Barsac doing well
  4. Ch Doisy Daene – completing a trio of Barsac wines at reasonable prices
  5. Ch Suduiraut – fantastic quality, one of the wines of the vintage
  6. Ch Coutet – a much more reasonable price in 2010
  7. Ch Guiraud – another high quality wine
  8. Domaine de L’Alliance – we are delighted that this wine is attracting an enthusiastic following
  9. Ch Climens – possibly the wine of the vintage
  10. Ch La Tour Blanche – again a top quality wine

There is a great mix of value and quality in this list – why not put together a mixed case with some or all of these wines included?  Bill Blatch

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2 Responses to “2010 Sauternes Slips Under the Radar”

  1. Andy Says:

    While I agree that Sauternes and barsac represent excellent value for drinking, they just don’t for investment. Take 2005 Yquem. released at circa £3800 and now trading at circa £4900. Now, the lifting of import restrictions into China may significantly change the investment dynamic and a few brave souls may take a punt on that, but fundamentally the lack of investment return is the reason these fabulous wines have such relatively low prices .. it aint nothing to do with the Sauternais’ sense of duty!

  2. admin Says:

    Steve did some stats on Yquem as an investment vehicle a while ago and it actually compares very favourably with the reds, especially for older vintages which one would expect. Today’s release price for d’Yquem is interesting as they have followed the rest of the Sauternais (downwards) rather than the 1st Growth reds (upwards) which is encouraging and responsible.

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