2010 Sauternes Tasting Notes

I find writing tasting notes incredibly difficult.  Words seem so inadequate for purveying all the sensations that can be found in a glass of good Sauternes.  Steve called for these notes 3 weeks ago, and I kept writing them and ripping them up.  It was somehow so difficult to encapsulate this exquisite vintage.

I still feel my remarks are inadequate but post them now in the hope they are meaningful and useful.  All the notes are now in one place and in alphabetical order so it is easy to compare the wines.

2010 Sauternes Tasting Notes

Enjoy! Bill Blatch

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2 Responses to “2010 Sauternes Tasting Notes”

  1. Alex Cussin Says:

    Hello Bill
    I want to buy a case of halves for current drinking. I spotted something fom 07 was it ? that you had blended yourself, on your web-site but cant remember what you called it . Is there any left?? I am using this as a way of reaching you. Could you reply to me at the above email address. Am still thinking about the 2010s.

  2. admin Says:

    Ch Partarrieu is the wine Bill blends himself but no 2007 left I’m afraid. 2009 is at http://www.bordeauxgoldsauternes.com/wine-vintage—2009/chateau-partarrieu—12-x-75cl-bottles or you can buy some 2010 alongside some others (don’t delay too long as a few wines are getting low on stock)?

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