2010 Bordeaux En Primeur – Half Time Report

What strange times we are in! You will have already seen my article on Sauternes v Red Bordeaux chateaux prices which can be neatly summed up by this graph:

And chateaux prices for Red Bordeaux show no sign of slowing down.  Most winemakers are convinced they have made as good if not better wines in 2010 than in 2009 and their belief in the Chinese market is strong.

But, here we are half way through the 2010 En Primeur campaign and I can’t help feeling that a tipping point of some type is approaching.  All my gut instinct is telling me that there will be a significant closing between Sauternes and Red Bordeaux prices over the next few years.

Firstly, the Chinese are beginning to discover Sauternes.  It was actually illegal to import Sauternes into China until earlier this year because of the higher than normal Sulphate levels in botrytised sweet white wine.  Big efforts are being made by Chateau d’Yquem and Chateau Guiraud to break into the Chinese market and, as Sauternes is such a natural partner to Chinese cuisine, I see no reason why these shouldn’t work.

More importantly though is the fact that Sauternes is better than Red Bordeaux!  Who says so?  Bill Blatch?  No actually – YOU!

We have been looking at what wine drinkers actually think of Sauternes compared to Red Bordeaux and the results are fascinating – take a look at this new article:

Sauternes – the Best Bordeaux Wine

If you are confused by the current market then you are not alone.  The only certainty in my mind is that Sauternes is both great wine and great value in 2010.  Prices have generally remained at 2009 levels from the chateaux with slight increases from a few balanced by some significant reductions from others.    Bill Blatch

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