2010 Domaine de L’Alliance – Best Yet!

Daniel Alibrand, fisherman turned winemaker, goes from strength to strength with his 2010 Domaine de L’Alliance – just released in handy 50cl bottles.  Take a look at the video below to see what Daniel gets up to in his garage, sorry cellar!  Neal Martin was amazed enough to include Daniel in the foreword to his vintage report:

“The region continues to be beset by financial woes and consumer apathy, but that has not deterred young vignerons from throwing the dice and making Sauternes. Take Domaine de l’Alliance for example. After visiting the historic Yquem shrouded in its luxuriant air, I found myself in an unkempt garage on the outskirts of an industrial estate in Langon. Just a few years ago, Daniel Alibrand, commercial fisherman turned winemaker, was welding his vats together, but now this, dare I say, “maverick genius” is making top-class Sauternes from the most rudimentary equipment. It is these kinds of passionate individuals that the region needs.”

2010 Domaine de L’Alliance – £74/half case Bottles (50cl) or £13.33/Bottle (50cl)

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