2010 Raymond-Lafon – better than 2009?

Last year the 2009 Ramond-Lafon was a must buy wine.  The price attracted the attention of pretty much everybody and it was our best selling wine by a country mile.  What about this year?

Well, Jean-Pierre Meslier is convinced that his 2010 is even better and we agree.  Last Friday I re-tasted all the 2010 Sauternes and it was in my Top 3 wines.  Always a man of principle, for which I greatly admire him, Jean-Pierre has put his price up a little from 2009 where others are staying at the same price or going lower.  The 2010 Raymond-Lafon is still, however, probably the best buy at the top end of this vintage and is only £9 per case more expensive than last year.  All the details are below.  Enjoy!  Bill Blatch

2010 Chateau Raymond-Lafon

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