Hail hits 2011 Sauternes Vintage

I feel bad about reporting people’s misfortunes especially as they just keep smiling, but it’s our duty to inform you about anything that happens in Sauternes.

Hail is a nightmare for all wine growers and there is little that can be done.  On Monday a large storm travelled slowly across the region from the village of Budos just west of Sauternes (across the River Ciron) in an east south easterly direction up and over the plateau towards Chateau Guiraud, I was actually driving and unfortunately I got a flat tire, if It wouldn’t had been for the 60 Gallon air compressor that I had on my car the storm would have gotten me .  Damage was very localised but severe (50-80% in places) as can be seen in this video taken at Chateau Lamothe Guignard:

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  1. Paul Conlon Says:

    A good report under the circumstances – very interesting and informative – keep them coming,
    interviews in french are no issue.


    Paul Conlon.

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