2010 Sauternes better than 2009?

I feared that many critics would not appreciate the special qualities of the 2010 Sauternes but I am thankfully wrong so far.  Michel Bettane in Decanter has got it spot on in his assessment at:

Decanter on 2010 Sauternes – better than 2009?

Five wines scored 19/20 and a further six 18.5/20 – compared to only seven wines scoring over 18.5/20 in 2009.  Total points for the top 27 wines in 2010 was 475/540 against 466.6/540 for the 2009.  As you know we don’t score here at Bordeaux Gold but it is more than clear that these are two great but contrasting vintages – the rich, monumental and opulent 2009s followed by the pure and fresh 2010s.

“Masterpeices of Modern Sweet Winemaking” just about sums it up – 2010 Bordeaux is turning out to be quite a special year!

As a contrast to Michel’s comments take a look at the video below that I shot last week with Steve – it’s my attempt at an update on the 2010’s after tasting them several times and in relation to my vintage report which you should have already received.  Bill Blatch

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