2010 Bordeaux – A Day if the Life of Bill Blatch

Thanks for this Steve – my secrets are out!  Not every day is as packed or glamourous as in this video but it does give a good flavour of the craziness of En Primeur week and of the 2010 Bordeaux vintage as well.  There is a great Sauternes ending too as there should be to every feast!

On a serious note this video shows both chateau and UGC (Union de Grands Crus) tastings.  It is only through doing regular chateau and barrel tastings and talking to the winemakers, vineyard managers, owners and technical directors that you can get a real feel for a vintage or a particular wine – everything else is just a snapshot!  I am incredibly lucky to be in a position to do chateau visits regularly, both in Sauternes and across the Medoc, as my increasingly slow brain needs this regular stimulation!  Bill Blatch

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