100 Top Sauternes!

100 Top Sauternes – my idea of Paradise!  This collection is the result of my work over the past 25 years – I have tasted all the wines at the chateaux and selected them personally.  They have all been stored in perfect conditions in Bordeaux ever since they were bottled and we will ship them to the UK for you in April/May.

To see my detailed tasting notes for every wine and decide which wines are for you, but you might want to take a look at this introductory video first – Enjoy! Bill Blatch

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6 Responses to “100 Top Sauternes!”

  1. Guus van Otterloo Says:

    Dear Mr.Blatch, thank you for promoting Sauternes in general, we need to keep this fascinating ‘old fashioned’ wine alive. I was a bit disappointed though to see you don’t put the wines of Daniel Alibrand in your top 100. I know he doesn’t have much to sell (I was too late for his 2007 but I’m happy with the 120 bottles 2008 I could get) but I think, considering the quality, Domaine de l’Alliance should be right there on the list. Regards, Guus van Otterloo – Co-owner and Wine buyer of Terroirwijn – Rotterdam – Holland

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Guus and thanks for the comment. Daniel’s wines are indeed superb and would feature if we had any! We will be offering the 2010 subject to tasting.

  3. Alex Cussins Says:

    Dear Bill
    I have followed your web-site since you started , and was delighted by the prospect of a sweet white bordeaux based company.
    I do buy “stickeys” from time to time but am somewhat restricted by my available funds.
    No-one could doubt your love of your subject matter, your enthusiasm shines through ,
    but the indiscriminate nature of your enthusiasm makes it difficult for a person of my experience to choose a wine based on your tasting notes. I can imagine that you would say that you describe each wine in terms of its dominant characteristics and flavours etc in such a way that would enable a prospective buyer to be able to make a choice. I would say that it would seem to me to be described in a way that would enable a buyer wholly familiar with individual wines to perhaps make a choice between vintages but not necessarily to choose one wine over another. Your tastings of the major wines of 2009 for example made it sound as though all the wines were delicious and fantasic in differing ways but there was no qualitative comparison. You have obviously decided against scoring the wines but I would ask you to reconsider.
    Like a lot of buyers I am looking for value and quality. I bought 1997 Haut Periguey on the basis of Jancis Robinson’s score and am delighted with it (2 cases of halves) and in 09 I went for another value based wine ( Raymond Lafon) but went with the supplier that offered the best deal. I hope you might be able to point me in the direction of something suitable in the future and be able to offer that same wine at a competitive price. I will always be interested to hear what you have to say ( expert opinion is always the best) but if you want me to spend money with you then……
    Thanks for your wondeful contributions to the subject….
    Alex Cussins

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for the comment Alex. I hope the latest post with my top 5 wines helps you make a decision. I do not score wines for what I consider sound reasons – for me it is a bit like being asked score members of my family! At Bordeaux Gold we only offer and talk about wines we love and are passionate about, just like family members. They all have their own characters which I try to describe as best as I can. The only qualitative judgments I do make are based on whether a wine falls below, maintains or exceeds the standards I expect of it – just as we might disapprove, be satisfied by or be pleasantly surprised by the behaviour of someone in our family. You can take it that all of the wines we offer are ones that at the very least are of a standard that you would expect from the property with the majority of them in the ‘pleasantly surprising’ category. I hope this helps.

  5. Alex Cussins Says:

    Hello again.
    I do understand your reasoning and respect it. I suppose I am saying that I felt I got lots of valuable and fascinating info from your site and videos but would have liked to repay you by buying some wine from you . I feel a little guilty that I went for the best price and bought elsewhere.
    I promise to reconsider next time . I would be very interested in some mature wines in half bottles . Maybe a mixed case. Might that be possible ??

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Alex and thanks for the comment. Have you seen this mixed case at http://www.bordeauxgoldsauternes.com/cases (I think the 1996 de Myrat halves are a snip if you like old Sauternes).

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