2009 Sauternes Trade Tasting – a glimpse behind the scenes

A rare glimpse behind the scenes at the first 2009 Bordeaux trade tasting including the fabulous Sauternes and Barsac wines. All the courtiers and négociants gather to get their first impressions of the vintage and what might be good wines for them to buy and sell on to the world wine trade.

2009 Sauternes and Barsac wines featured include Château Coutet, Château Filhot, Château Guiraud, Clos Haut-Peyraguey, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Château Lamothe-Guignard, Château Rieussec, Château Suduiraut and Château La Tour-Blanche. Bill Blatch

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2009 Sauternes in the cellar - Château Coutet

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