2009 Ch d’Yquem finally releases En Primeur

Well at last Ch d’Yquem have released their 2009 En Primeur. 

We are not surprised that they have decided to continue with the marketing policy of following the prices of the other Medoc First Growths – as a luxury brand it is easy to understand the logic.   Unfortunately, as First Growth prices this year in the Medoc are high and, therefore, so is 2009 d’Yquem.

Allocations are also pinched so, for the moment, we have decided to offer only full cases (in bottles or halves) at:

2009 Sauternes Price List – Full Cases

Do let us know if you are interested in half bottles as part of a mixed case and, if enough people show an interest and we do not sell our allocation as whole cases, we will see what we can do.  As a reminder the videos for Ch d’Yquem are at:

2009 d’Yquem with Sandrine Garbay

2009 d’Yquem with Francis Mayeur

On the quality we have no doubts whatsoever – this will be one of the great d’Yquems!

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Mixed cases of 2009 Sauternes - last few bottles left

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